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  • The demonstration app doesn’t require a license, but all cells are locked.
  • Requirements: Windows and Excel

2 - Like it?

  • Purchase securely via PayPal a 12 months license for only $10
  • The activation code will be sent instantly via email after the purchase.

3 - Full version

  • Insert your license to use the full version.
  • App version: 3.1 (2018-2019 FY), released on March 2019


  • Summary: here you will be able to see a summary and comprehensive analysis of your Ubering.
Uber dashboard and charts at the top, followed by BAS information and Uber tax summary. At the right side, a view of your Tax Return.
GST and summary from the Weekly income method.
Bottom of the summary tab you will find averages, other income summary and mileage analysis.
  • Income: measured on weekly or monthly basis, you just need to copy your income information from the Uber website to the app.
This is how the Monthly method looks like.
And this is the Weekly method (bigger but more comprehensive).
View of the "other contractor income" area.
Both "Monthly income" and "other contractor income" areas together.
  • Expenses: here you insert expenses related to Uber
Expenses summary at the top. Below "Fuel" and "Car related" breakdown.
"Business only" expenses, "car depreciation" calculator and "office costs" calculator.
  • Logbook: where you insert your car mileage, which gives your car business usage and how much car related costs you can claim.
"Logbook book summary" at the top right and "on trip mileage" at the top left.
  • User guide: the app is easy to use and intuitive, but if you have any doubts the User Guide has all tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Antivirus: an antivirus software might block the file due to a false positive. A false positive is when your virus scanner detects a file as a virus, even when it really isn’t a virus, and then tries to quarantine or delete that file.

If your antivirus is returning a false positive, please email details to

Windows: it might show an alert because My Uber Income app does not have a Code Signing Certificate. The certificate is only a process of digitally signing executables to confirm software author and garantee that the code has not been altered or corrupted.

No. The app was developed as a Windows desktop software and do not work in mobiles, Google Sheets or LibreOffice.

In Mac computers it does not work due to technical restrictions from the Mac operating system. As a workaround, Mac users could install bootcamp + Windows or run a virtual machine with Windows and Excel to view the app.

Yes, 2017-2018 financial year’s version can be downloaded below.
Please note only the “Monthly income” method is available due to changes in the Uber Weekly statements on late June:

Yes, the app can be used in all over Australia.

The license is link to the computer ID, therefore you won’t be able to share the app with other people. 

Version history

  • Income tab:
  • new “Other Contractor Income” area, where you are able to add other incomes from different rideshare companies or any other jobs you do
  • Monthly and Weekly structures have been updated as per current Uber payment structure
  • Expenses tab:
  • “Car depreciation” and “Office costs” calculators added
  • GST fields in the “Expenses” tab are now unlocked and editable
  • number of expenses fields have been increased to 365 fields each
  • Summary tab:
  • “Final result” fields have been moved to the top of the tab in a new section called “Uber dashboard”. There you will be able to have a quick glimpse of your yearly result
  • new “Next BAS due date” field will remind you when the next BAS due
  • User guide tab:
  • re-designed “Information” tab, now called “User guide”
  • layout and tutorials have been improved
  • The app:
  • no more 32 or 64 bits, one file will work in both systems – file size has increase though
  • you are now able to share your data file (the xlsc file) across multiple computers – you  still need different licenses to use the app in different computers though
  • you are now able to generate a normal Excel file with your data, which also will enable to easily transfer your data from one version of the app to another
  • Fixing GST-inclusive on Uber charges (commission, split fare and booking fee)
  • Adding City Fee in the Monthly income method
  • “Wait time” added
  • Two Uber fees, to reflect the changes from the 1st of December 2017
  • “Transfer data” button. With one click you will transfer your data automatically from the old version to the update version
  • Licensing system implemented
  • 2 methods to track your Income: Weekly or Monthly
  • 3 methods to manage your Logbook
  • Expenses tab reformulated
  • See dead kms using “On trip mileage”
  • New “Expenses” chart
  • Booking fee, Tax on Fee and Cancellation fee added
  • Simpler BAS method
  • Quick links
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Bug and formula fixes
  • My Uber Income spreadsheet launched.
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