Developed in Sydney, My Uber Income was created in early 2016. Late in the same year it was shared for the first time in the Uber community, being download by many Uber drivers across Australia.
In mid 2017, a second and improved version was released being another big hit across the community. Since the first release, My Uber Income was shared free of charge, but in 2018, in order to keep updating and improving the tool, the new app was introduced with a licensing system.

The new app
For only $10 per year, you will have an up to date app with new features being added regularly.
The Excel format has been kept in the new app as many people are familiar with the software and know how My Uber Income works. That means you still require Microsoft Excel to run it.
The app itself is a .exe file because of the licensing system. It is a software developed by G.D.G Software, a French company that distribute licensing system for Excel workbooks since 2006.

Who I am
I’m an experienced businessman, who have worked on global companies on different roles, from accounting to management.
I started Ubering back in January 2016 as my side job. In my first week Ubering, I started working on a spreadsheet to help me visualize my income. Since then, I have been working on My Uber Income on weekly basis and spent hundreds of hours building it.

Contact details
If you have an enquiry, please use the contact form below or send an email to contact@myuberincome.com.au

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