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Perfect for  Uber, Uber Eats, Ola, DiDi, Deliveroo

What is My Uber Income?

My Uber Income is an app powered by Microsoft Excel, developed for rideshare and food delivery drivers in Australia. It compiles income, expenses and vehicle usage, giving a comprehensive view of your Ubering.
Discover your real net profit, project your BAS & tax return, and much more.

Increase profits

“Knowledge is power”. Understand every bits and pieces of Ubering and maximize profits. Some of the information you  will see is your dead mileage and net income per hour.

Easy BAS and tax return

Lodging your BAS and tax return gets much easier. The app gives you real time information about GST and tax return, making it easy to project payments to the ATO allocating the correct money aside.

Ola, Deliveroo and others 

Not only Uber, you can control  multiple incomes: other rideshare  (Ola, Taxify, etc), food delivery (Deliveroo, etc) contractor jobs (construction, photographer, etc) or if you have a job as an employee.

Great value for money

No other app is Uber dedicated, and no tax company offers so much for so less. The $10 license will give you 12 months access to the app.

User friendly

Easy to use, you just need to fill your data in the logbook, income and expenses tabs, and the app will make all the complicated calculations. 

Support provided

The app has a detailed instructions, but if you still need help,  support is provided via email.

Updated regularly

You will be able to receive app updates without extra charges. Clicking in one button will easily transfer your data across to the updated app. 

How it works

Download the file, purchase a license and within minutes you are ready to use. System requirements are Windows and Microsoft Excel.

No of Downloads

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My Uber Income has been downloaded over a thousand times

No of formulas

The spreadsheet makes over five hundred calculations

Years in business

My Uber Income was created in 2016

What users say?

“Thanks again for this I have referred a few drivers to this and also the spreadsheet has helped me do the hard numbers and help crack the Uber code of max earnings per hour. Its amazing how subtle expenses end up changing the hourly rate.”



“This is awesome. I’m new to Uber and was trying to work this out myself, just save yourself the time and pay the very reasonable price for this. The time saving using this vs trying to work it all out yourself is well worth it. I wish I had found this at the start of the day I was working on my first BAS.”



“Big thanks to the developer of this App. I’ve been using the spreadsheet and it’s great, amazing support and I highly recommend! It’s fairly simple if you follow the instructions and will save you so much time! Just what I was looking for without having to see an accountant.” 



“Thanks heaps for this update! I have been using your old spreadsheet since I started and now look forward to using this!​



“Your spreadsheet is an excellent resource and certainly looks like it will save me a lot of time come BAS time. “​



“As a new-ish driver, I really appreciate this spreadsheet being available. Thank you!”



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